Marketing & Communications

Marketing &



We believe in research. Deep dive research. It is the foundation for all strategic branding, advertising and communications that connects to key audiences on intellectual and emotional levels. We work with third-party research but also have our own methodology - The Atlas Process.


We’ve created award-winning advertising campaigns in multiple business sectors in all mediums -- Television, Print, Radio and Social Media for Fortune 500 companies and the world’s leading organizations.


Our team has led major public relations firms and designed and conducted renowned communications programs for multiple Fortune 500 companies, the world’s leading Non-Profit Organizations and successful start-ups in the areas of consumer, corporate, business-to-business, healthcare, policy, social issues and internal communications.

Crisis & Litigation Comms

Our team members have served as the Head of Crisis Communications at major global public relations firms and managed high-profile crisis issues for Fortune 500 companies and leading Nonprofit Organizations in the areas of automotive, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, proxy fights, shareholder disputes, referendum battles, discrimination claims, class-action lawsuits and nonprofit vicarious liability.

People Based Marketing

We also bring to our clients People Based Marketing which is hyper targeting of key audiences based upon thousands of personal attributes through their digital footprint. We can constantly self-learn and refine messages to deliver the “next best message” and “next best offer” based upon their behavior to motivate desired action. This hyper-refined database continues to recalibrate and remains a powerful tool for our clients as programs and efforts advance.

Digital Communications

Our team are leaders in developing compelling content and reaching and increasing vast audiences on all social media platforms that deliver your messages to key audiences and compel them to take action. We also know how to target key audiences at the right time in the right place and motivate them to share the message.

Media Training

We've media trained Fortune 500 CEOs, Nonprofit CEOs, University Presidents, the world's most successful entrepreneurs and corporate and nonprofit spokespeople for how to manage and control any type of interview on any platform.  Our training consists of classroom and live on-camera training and analysis.


Storytelling and education through multiple mediums are highly effective and fun ways to inform and enlighten key audiences.  Studies show that retention of information is higher when communicated through these genres.  We develop memorable artistic impressions by working with leading artists and designers in the areas of film, art, music, literature, video games, radio shows and podcasts. We also design quizzes that provide goals and rewards as users progress through ascending levels and software that allows users to compete against one another in learning exercises.  These platforms are particularly valuable when conducting internal staff training.

Our Atlas Process

The Atlas Process.​ It identifies critical issues facing an organization by pinpointing key audiences and their behaviors, analyzing the competitive landscape and uncovering key differentiators. The Atlas Process leads us and our clients to logical decisions about the absolute right plan going forward.