Our Work

Case Studies

The March for Women's Lives

Co-organized The March for Women's Lives which attracted 1.3 million participants at The National Mall in Washington, DC, and addressed abortion rights, reproductive healthcare, and women's rights among others.  The demonstration was led by seven groups; National Organization for Women, American Civil Liberties Union, Black Women's Health Imperative, Feminist Majority, NARAL Pro Choice America, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, and Planned Parenthood Federation of America.  Event attendees included Indigo Girls, Susan Sarandon, Whoopi Goldberg, Ashley Judd, Madeleine Albright, and Gloria Steinem among others.   

Pharmaceutical Class Action
We represented one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world in a high-profile class action lawsuit involving its insertable birth control device. Plaintiffs claimed severe bleeding, pain, general malaise, impaired vision and in some cases blindness. This caused a national scare in which some women actually began using knives to remove the devices from their bodies. Working with outside legal counsel, we developed a consumer education campaign that combated bad science with reputable science and medical experts. The campaign directed women to a network of centers where they could have the devices safely removed. We also set up a national 800 number that women could call to get true scientific information and referrals to medical centers near them where they could have the devices removed by medical professionals. The case was settled many years later and the device is back on the market and being used safely.

Centers for Disease Control
Developed “Healthy Love," a seminal prevention intervention that is in the CDC’s National Compendium of Effective Evidence-based HIV Prevention Interventions.  The program is a highly interactive educational workshop in which women can learn about HIV transmission and effective strategies for reducing risks for contracting or transmitting HIV and other STDs while also developing awareness of personal, community, social attitudes, beliefs and norms that can influence women's sexual behaviors, relationships, and risk-related decision making.  Positive and self-loving attitudes that motivate women to protect themselves is a focus.
Corporate Racial Equity, Inclusion & Diversity Training

Designed and facilitated a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training program for 45 junior executives. The objectives were to: Define the language of DEI; Discuss the bonus of DEI; to better understand the context of race in America – the Uncommon Memory; to develop tools and strategies to cope and better manage discrimination, and to become aware of structural barriers and develop strategies to remove those structural barriers. The participants found the process to be eye-opening, a safe place to discuss and learn about the differences.  Many found the program to be life-changing and equipped them to address implicit bias from colleagues and the organization.

Strategic Planning for 93-Year-Old National Nonprofit

We facilitated the drafting of a strategic plan for a national nonprofit established in 1927 which needed to make a pivot as their membership was declining and the primary source of revenue was quickly diminishing. We designed a strategic planning process where the board strategically pivoted to build the brand, restructure governance and committee structures, strengthen and leverage strategic partnerships and diversify revenue streams. Once the strategic plan was approved by the board, work groups were established to operationalize the plan. They have now aligned their structures, systems, policies, people and technology to their strategic plan and now are the partner of choice for many.

Hands Across America

Our team helped organize Hands Across America which was a public fundraising event to benefit homeless people in which approximately 6 million people simultaneously held hands for 15 minutes to form a human chain across the United States.

National Women’s Health Network Counsel to the FDA

As part of the National Women’s Health Network our team has worked for decades to advise the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on the safety of drugs and medical devices intended for women.

Ending Interpersonal Violence

We have worked for decades to establish anti-violence programs and trainings to end interpersonal violence such as sexual harassment, sexual assault, and domestic violence and establish protocols for medical providers and law enforcement agencies for victims. This included educational training for Prisoners Against Rape, the first anti-violence program by men incarcerated for violence against women. We have trained military forces at the Pentagon on violence against women, and in schools and community organizations. More recently, we have trained on Title IX compliance with universities, non-profit organizations, and corporations.

Hate Crimes Statistics Act

Our team worked to pass in Congress and train law enforcement personnel on compliance with the country’s first federal Hate Crimes Statistics Act. We helped to establish the first national compendium of hate crimes based on race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or ethnicity which led to the FBI publishing an annual report on hate crime statistics

The U.S. Human Rights Network

Since the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, our team has provided human rights education to more than 1 million Americans and helped form the U.S. Human Rights Network in 2003 to closely monitor and report on human rights violations in the United States.

Transforming a Successful Non-profit Organization into a Racially Just Workplace for a Diverse Workforce

Housing Works, based in New York City, is the nation’s second largest HIV/AIDS service organization that is organized more as a multi-subsidiary corporation than a grassroots organization. Still, it has a strong community-based activism profile, along with a robust housing and property development arm, a cluster of community-based health centers, mental and behavioral health programs, as well as a few consignment shops and signature bookstores in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Through a robust strategic engagement process, we helped the agency prepare and adopt a racial justice framework to transform their executive leadership team and senior management to reflect the diversity of the populations they serve and to implement operating procedures and practices that provided a more equitable workplace for a rapidly diversifying workforce.